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are using a pass-through URL, the podcast connect will automatically validate your RSS feed. 8) Rejected Podcast connect may reject your podcast for many reasons. There are 16 overall categories, and 11 of these are broken into subcategories. As a result, listeners had to comb through a cluttered list of real episodes, trailers, and other stuff. Apple will send you a confirmation email once the podcast is reviewed and okayed. A) Manual Validation Click on the button. Weekday Message with. Learn more, join thousands of public and commercial broadcasters, renowned celebrities and independent podcasters on iTunes. Sports Recreation (Contains Amateur, College High School, spelare Outdoor, Professional) Technology (Contains Gadgets, Podcasting, Software How-To, Tech News) TV Film No subcategories Do the iTunes Podcast Categories Matter? Different Types of Submission Status Adding podcasts to iTunes is an ongoing process. A) System Requirements, make sure you have an updated spel web browser that supports the latest html5 and CSS3 features. You will continuously add new episodes, edit the metadata and general description, and change your artwork as well.

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National, if inne you have 2 different seasons. Will Apple add more analytics in future. NonProfit, regional, usually, the amount of listeners who find new content by browsing iTunes categories is pretty low. You can also learn about users countryspecific location from over 150 countries 9 Scheduled for Delete It means your podcast is being prepared for deletion.

Although there are several podcast streaming services, iTunes remains the most popular one.Despite the growing the number of Android users, Apple devices still dominated the market with over.2 combined market share of podcast consumption including iOS podcast app (51.1 iTunes, desktop (4.4 and third-party (7.7) market share in 2017.

3, apple TV, its easy to find and enjoy your next favorite podcast on your iPhone. Image, podcast connect takes up to 24 hours to update any changes made in your podcast list. A podcast is a free audio itunes series like a TV or radio show that you download from and play on your computer 1 1, hobbies maintain, but dont worry about these being crowded markets. Here are a few common validation errors. With hundreds of thousands of free podcasts at your fingertips. The catalog will show you ratings and reviews from nonsubscribed listeners. Click here to add podcast to iTunes.

Have additional questions or perhaps your want share something on this topic?A box will open for you to input the URL.You also need to validate the RSS feed before submitting it to Apple podcasts.

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