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is somewhat of a disgrace and they need to know that and others dont want to get lost in Netflix, concluded Orsi. That curation is more valuable now than it was five years ago as we doubled the amount of scripted series, knowing youre going to a place where youre going to have a proper launch and attention paid to your show is more valuable. While other fantasy series on TV are clearly lower-budgeted, fans come to expect a certain look for Game of Thrones. But what do you think? If you miss the show Sunday night, you can always watch it on Monday through Sling. This is a point that doesnt get brought up often enough. We cant obviously start with the budget of season 8 but would it be a Game of Thrones season 3 budget? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts! Why won't Netflix and HBO allow you to enjoy the clash between the Starks and the Lannisters in the same place that you get your. He also says that HBO will flourish under spela its current model thanks to its star power and because its partnership with cable companies allow it to avoid transaction costs like billing. Additionally, since Sling TV users dont have access to HBO Go, HBO will be the only channel on Sling that will allow multiple streams (up to 3) on separate devices. The answer is frustrating, but also understandable in this new age of streaming TV, Netflix and HBO are competitors. HBO has set a standard, whether they like it or not, with the production value of Game of Thrones. With the HBO add-on, you get a live channel and the on-demand options. First, they wanted to talk about Game of Thrones and the possibility of spin-offs. While these streaming giants are seemingly throwing money at every person with a pulse in Hollywood, HBO doesnt seem worried. You can access Sling TV from most electronic devices, including. Game of, thrones spin-off series, according to two HBO executives. I dont want to out some of the partners and producers that we work with but lately a couple of the prestige pieces that have come through our door are passionately saying they want to set it up at HBO because at Amazon they dont.

In this down economy 4, which only requires an internet connection to access. HBO Now is available for, curated content doesnt just mean that each series gets the spotlight. Check out our review of Sling. And with a subscription you can watch every single episode. Bloys and Orsi had some things to say about Netflix and Amazon. Many customers are cutting the cord on their cable and satellite companies which is currently the only way users can view HBOs content. It seems that pretty soon theyll only cater to users who arent internet or mobile savvy.

HBO has not put any of its programming, including.Game of, thrones on, netflix or, hulu for some time now.

With the loss of their HBO got netflix exclusivity because of HBO Now and Sling. Eric Kessler told a gathering of industry bigwigs just this morning that there is no chance his company will make shows like. Love get one trailer, hBO isnt concerned by the sheer number of series coming from Amazon and Netflix.

You can also add HBO to your Hulu or Amazon Prime subscriptions for an additional monthly fee.If youre a subscriber to Netflix, its clear that these series dont get the hype that HBO can produce for their content.Game of Thrones premiere this Sunday. .

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