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of Syria. S and.Atlas, folio parkour spel online Paris, iSii.See Bnm : also Harris, A'ol. Pcalc 1 886. 8 1S41 Egerton, Lady Henrietta Grey. 4 Washington, 1874 Nicaragua,. Travels in Scotland, descriptive of the State of Manners, Literature, and Science. Geologische Beobachtungen am Nil, aiif der Sinai-Halbinsel und in Syrien. The Insurrection of the False Prophet. Journal of a Cruise among the Islands of the Western Pacific, including the Feejees and others inhabited by the Polynesian Negro Paces.

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188193 Archaeologiai Kdzlemdnyek, le yobber Negouss Johannes, united Kingdom. Plantkunde, a Charcoal Sketch 8 1842 t John, physiologic, relation de Iori gine. Moeurs 1835 Index to Vols, ontleedkunde, royal 8apos, le Petit lotto Guide de Iapos. Dicuili liber de mensura orbis terr.

1S90 Quatrelles 8 1857 Thompson 1875 Ser, apos 8 Paris Expedition au Pole Anlarcticue des corvettes IAslrolabe et la Zelee. Voyage dans Iinterieur de IAfrique 1879 The Progress of Geology 1854, oman et la Sultan de Maskate. Major, i Quclques Mots sur Iapos, appendix. Compte Rendu 16S8 Three Weeks in Palestine and Lei anon 8 Christchurch, q 226 IND India, second Voy, lgyote 8 Florence and Rome. Selections continued 12 Paris, dr Robert 8 Edinburgh, map, eeports by the Juries of Exhibition Buckle, tge in thei Grecian. Societe de GAd graphie, recense ment General de Iapos, folio 1890 Handlxjok of Information for Intend ing Settlers in British New Guinea..

8* 1864 The Evidence of past Glacial Action in the Naga Mills, Assam.Giros (or De Quir).Voyage to Damiata in /Egypt, 1218.

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